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Licorice rolled over, sulking. He hated days like today, when it was rainy and cold. They were so boring, and there was never anything to do.
"Carameeeelllllll, wake uuuup..." He gave his companion a little nudge, only to be pulled into bed.
"Shut up. It's Saturday - let me sleep while I can." Licorice sighed, bored. He wrapped his arms around the wolf, nuzzling into him. He was rewarded by Caramel's arms around his waist. They lay there together, until Licorice couldn't take it anymore.
"Come ON, let's DO something. At least get up and shower." Caramel growled lowly, but got out of bed slowly. He blinked around in the dull light and rose to make some coffee.

After a simple breakfast of coffee and eggs, they curled back up on Caramel's bed. Licorice helped him out of his shirt and kissed his chest. A low moan escaped his partner, followed by a small growl.
"Don't be a tease. What's wrong with cuddling, anyway?" Licorice pulled him close, leaning the wolf's head on his shoulder and holding him loosely.
"Absolutely nothing. But I love hearing you make those cute noises. <3" Caramel growled lowly, but nestled in.

"Hey Caramel. You know what I love?" The wolf looked up sleepily, expecting a movie or a song or some sweet food. Instead, Licorice bent and kissed him softly. Caramel moved into it, keeping thier lips together as long as he could. After a moment, their lips parted and the fox kissed his forehead.
"You. Silly." Caramel smiled, nuzzling into his friend.

After a while, Licorice rolled out of bed and paced around, bored again. Checking to see if Caramel was still asleep, he chuckled and snuck off into the kitchen. He slipped into his usual red apron and looked around, thinking of just what to surprise his sleeping love with. After a moment's hesitation, he started grabbing things and mixing them together.

Hours later, Caramel woke to the smell of something cooking. Worried, he loped out of bed and into the kitchen only to find the fox - wearing his red apron again - cooking...something.
"What in god's name did you concoct this time, Licorice?" The fox turned, smiling mischievously, and pointed to something stewing in a large pot.
"Oh, you'll like this one. I'm sure of it." Smiling, he went back to cooking, humming a little song. Defeated, Caramel sat down and waited patiently for death to befall him at the hands of this experiment.

"Almost ready. You can wake up now." He gave the wolf a little nudge, setting a plate in front of him.
"Curry? You made...curry?" He frowned. It looked alright. There was rice to one side...fruit and vegetables in a curry sauce to the other...
"Did you overdo the spice...again...?" Licorice scoffed and set his own bowl down, mixing it all together.
"Just taste it. You'll see who sucks." He began munching happily, watching the wolf carefully. With a great amount of thought, and very careful preparation of his spoon, Caramel winced, taking a bite.
"Lic, this is...." he stopped short. It was actually...quite good. Last time the fox had tried to cook curry, the kitchen was almost lost.
"Where'd you learn how to make this?" he demanded, staring suspiciously across the table. Licorice took a look of mock seriousness, followed by a sad smile.
"I...promised not to tell. She'll be happy to know you liked it, though."
"AHA! You only heated this up!" Licorice threw his spoon across the table, hitting Caramel square in the face. He stood and pointed at the door angrily.
"You want to tell Rose that she wasted her time teaching me how to cook curry for you? Go ahead. But you can face her wrath alone. I finally made something you really like, and you tell me it's heated up? Clean the dishes." He grabbed his cloak, throwing it over his shoulders and storming out the door, slamming it behind him.

Outside, he ran across the academy grounds until he reached the park. He found his favorite tree and climbed up, sitting in the crotch between two branches. He always felt safe and comfortable there, like he was being cradled. A soft voice called up to him.
"It didn't go well...?" Tears and rain streaming down his face, he looked down to see Rose.
"I saw you running out here, so I followed you." He just looked away, staring out over the horizon.
"He said it was heated up."
"I told him that he could tell you that."
"Is that all...?"
"And to do the dishes." She laughed her cold, icy laugh, sitting beneath the tree.
"You know, it doesn't matter." She sighed, hugging her knees to herself.
"I know. But I guess I wanted it to be special, since there's not much time left." She looked up at him, rain pouring down her face. She stood, her tail and ears hanging limply.
"I know. That's why I wasted so much time teaching you how to make that dish for him. Now come down here. You'll catch a cold." She held her hand out, beckoning. He looked down at his knees, and, sighing, slid down from the tree.
"Creme will kill me if he sees me out here with you."
"I don't think he cares. It's the LaCroix boy he loathes."
"So he'll hurt Caramel instead."
"That's not what I meant, Des...oh..." he cut her off, taking his cloak off and wrapping it around her.
"I told you to just call me Licorice. And Creme WILL kill me if you catch a cold." She sighed, looking down at her feet. Her hand twitched toward him, but stopped as soon as it had started.
"The time is drawing near. Kazuo and Rosier know it. So do we. Why are we wasting our remaining time like this?" He looked down at her, and watched the tears burn down her face. He felt his own tears stinging clear as he held her close to him.
"Because we hope that it's not going to be over. We pray that we can keep living our lives and loving the people close to us." He felt her arms wrap around his waist, and pulled her closer to him. His whole body shook with her sobs, but he held onto his dear friend.
"Licorice, I'm..."
"I know."
"But it's..."
"I know. It hurts. We both know what's going to happen from here. I don't think apologies will mean much soon."
"I don't think there will be anyone left to apologize to." He looked down at her, smiling bitterly.
"Rose, you're not so bad. I wish we all could have been friends." Her sobs worsened, but she managed to choke out an agreement.
"M-me...too..." He sat down under the tree and held her the way he held Caramel so many times. He let her cry until she was asleep in his arms. Lifting her gently, he carried her to Cremes' room. He had seemed to be waiting, the usual look of disdain on his small face.
"Creme, I..." the dog's hand shot up, stopping from saying another word. He slowly opened his eyes, which were red from lack of sleep. He smiled sadly, taking Rose from the fox.
"I know. I haven't slept in days, just listening to her. I'm just glad you got her to sleep." He wobbled a little, and Licorice took Rose back, walking in and settling her on the bed. Then he turned, helping Creme over to the couch. The dog sighed, burying his face in his hands.
"Apologize to Caramel for me, will you?"
"....Thanks for taking care of her." He smiled weakly, and held his hand out. Licorice returned the dark smile, slapping it.
"Don't worry. I will. You just keep loving Rose." He turned to leave, when Creme called to him.
"Hey, slacker. I know it's not much," He handed the fox a small pendant. It was gold, with a simple yet intricate design and a crest in the center.
"But, this is..."
"Just give it to him. Here, this is for you, slacker." He handed him some flavored coffee with a smile. "We thought you'd like it. You'll be needing it, she says." He faked disgust and pretended to glare at Licorice. "Now get out. I need to rest." Licorice reached into his pocket and flipped a coin over his shoulder as he walked out.
"For the drinks." He heard Creme laughing all the way down the hall.

When he got back to the room, Caramel was in his chair, waiting and looking gloomy.
"Hey, about earlier..."
"Don't worry. I have presents." He shook the small bag of coffee, the other hand behind his back. "You'll never guess who they're from." Interested, Caramel just waited patiently, knowing full well that he would find out whether he asked or not.
"Who, slacker?"
"Creme and Rose."
"You were with them?"
"Not really. Rose found me, and I had to carry her back to Creme's. We kinda...made up." He let his hand slide from behind his back, presenting the pendant with flourish. "This one's for you." He watched sadly as Caramel slowly reached out to take his father's pendant. He looked at it for a long time, before tucking it into his shirt pocket.
"Hey, hey...are you okay?" Tears had begun to run down the wolf's face without realizing it. Licorice rushed to him, walking him to the bed. Once they had laid down, Caramel leaned into Licorice's side and cried. Once it was over, and Caramel had fallen asleep, he stared at the ceiling, wide awake.
"You're right, Rose. I feel it, too."

Sighing, he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.
I've been promising you all a teaser for so long, it's not even funny anymore. But after a lot of contemplation, here it is! A sneak peak into Something-or-Other Days.

This takes place towards the end of the series, so if things don't all make sense, I know. That's how it's supposed to be.

Also, the girl in the preview picture is Mint Sounnier, another of the Something-or-Other Days cast that you can find both in the Old Chapters and in chapters to come.

Rose LeClair, Licorice Despreaux, Creme Bijoux, and Mint Sounnier (c) Benevolent-Silence
Caramel LeCroix (c) Nadykun
The-MoonSquid Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012   Traditional Artist
I really like the drawing for this!
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